Regatta, Oil Painting by Yong, 30 x 50 cm, Expressionism, Pallette, Antique Modern Frame, Now Auction Start $250.00, Part of Money Gain for support Schollarship Indon Children (

Ekspressionisme adalah kecenderungan seorang seniman untuk mendistorsi kenyataan dengan efek-efek emosional. Ekspresionisme bisa ditemukan di dalam karya lukisan, sastra, film, arsitektur, dan musik. Istilah emosi ini biasanya lebih menuju kepada jenis emosi kemarahan dan depresi daripada emosi bahagia.

Pelukis Matthias Grünewald dan El Greco bisa disebut ekspresionis.



TOMOSAN is an artist, entrepreneur, leader, who have a dream for develop and educating disadvantaged children through the talents. TOMOSAN as a painter has produced hundreds of works which have been sold to almost the whole world, and some of his works to be auctioned for charity fundraiser. TOMOSAN as an entrepreneur has some conventional companies, e-commerce, virtual firms which pioneered the business along with several colleagues. TOMOSAN as a leader has created hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders of character personalities, who currently heads several foundations and organizations.
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